Inclusive Schools and Community Services event

Please see information for parents and guardians from our Inclusive Schools and Community Services department: Say-No-To-Hate-Poster

Kindergarten Registration

Just a reminder to our community that Kindergarten registration is now open.

Children who turn four or five years old during 2019, live within the school boundary and whose parents are public school tax supporters will be eligible to register for kindergarten.

If you, or someone you know, is registering a child for Kindergarten at our school, you can access the online registration information at Please note that for this pilot, a laptop or desktop computer is strongly recommended, rather than a mobile device.

Families are still welcome to register in person in the school office.  Registration forms are available on the Board’s website at

Bag to School Event

We are pleased to see the response already to our Bag to School event

We kindly ask that donations begin on Thursday March 21, 2019 and not prior as we will not have space in the school to store the items until they are picked up on March 22, 2019. We thank everyone for their enthusiasm as clearly we are ready to do our spring cleaning! We look forward to a great event on March 22nd.