Feedback for the principal

In an effort to do the very best I can do for our students, staff and community, I welcome feedback on the work I am doing as principal of the school. As such, I have developed a feedback form that is now available for you to complete as parents and guardians. This form has been adapted from the Ontario Principals’ Council work on “360 degree feedback“.

You may complete this feedback form anonymously online. Alternatively, you may print off the survey and hand it in to our school office, or e-mail me your thoughts.

I appreciate your time and any thoughts that you may share.

Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Feedback for the principal

  1. Andrea Veldhoen

    Dear Mr. Collins,
    My apologies for not parking in the designated area this morning. The sheet handed to me in the office did make the guidelines more clear and I am happy to follow them from here on in.

    Is there any proposals for making more parking available? For example: widening King Street to allow for more parking and good traffic flow? Just a suggestion.

    Thank you for you hard work,


    • Thank you so much for your consideration and work with us.
      With respect to King Street this is not something I heard is planned. In fact, a proposal has gone to town council for a crossing guard. This will be a great resource for our community. It will however, result in the street being a no stopping zone when the guard is in place. So, long term, we will need to continue to brainstorm as a community how best to manage traffic, drop offs and parking.
      Again, we appreciate your help,
      Mr. Collins

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