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Mingle at Munsch

We are looking forward to our Mingle at Munsch event tomorrow.

Join us starting at 4 p.m. for our BBQ as well as three workshops on well being and work in equity and inclusive education. Our workshops will be located on the main floor near the office. They will run from 4 – 5:30 p.m.. Information on the workshops will be posted at the BBQ table and School Council table outside.

At 6 p.m. we will have performances in the gym. Our first round of grade one performers should be in room 126 at 5:45  p.m. and all sign language club performers in room 129 at 5:45 ready for our 6 o’clock start. We will then have a brief intermission at 6:20 p.m. to allow our grade 2/3 performers to set up. At 6:15 p.m. grade 2s and 2/3 should go to room 121 and grade 3s should meet in the multipurpose room with their recorders and sunglasses.

At this point, we have had over 400 people RSVP that they will be attending. Parking will be very limited so we recommend as many families walk as they can to the school tomorrow night. The weather looks good and it should be a great night.

See everyone soon,

Mr. Collins

School Council April 12, 2018 at 7 p.m.

A reminder of our School Council Meeting on Thursday April 12th  7 p.m. in room 206 – An accessible elevator is available if needed.

Procedures and Operating Guidelines:

  • Our collective work will focus on supporting student achievement and well being for each student at our school
  • Meetings will begin and end on time
  • All speakers and opinions will be respected (one speaker at a time, side discussions are to be kept to a minimum)
  • We will strive for consensus in our decision making
  • Individual students, parents and staff are not to be discussed (Refer parents or student issues to the teacher or principal)


Land Acknowledgement                                                         TBD

Welcome                                                                                 All

February Minutes/Review Action Items                                  Co-chair(s)

Admin Report                                                                          Mr. Collins

Financial Report

Youth Initiative Grant

Events                                                                                          All

  • Math night – Update
  • Crocadoodle – Update
  • World Autism Awareness – Update
  • Mingle at Munsch May event Planning/Status Update

Ongoing fundraising        

  • Pizza
  • School Spirit Wear Owner?

Year End Activities                                                                 All

  • Volunteer Appreciation Tea
  • Staff Appreciation Day
  • Prep for Council Sept 2018

New topics /Wrap Up                                                             All

Student absence reporting – new feature!

Our school is now using online attendance in classrooms.  Parents/guardians can use the “Report an Absence” feature in Edsby to notify the school of any absences. Attendance is important to student success. However, if your child is going to be absent, it is important to let the school know as soon as possible for the safety and security of your child.  Learn more about using Edsby to report an absence.

You may still call in to our attendance hotline via 905-473-0110 and press 1 when prompted to report an absence. Please use with the phone line or the Edsby site to report absences only as messages left on staff voicemail or in student agendas may not be retrieved in time for our Safe Arrivals program.