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Parent and Guardian Survey Input

Shared under CC from Open Source

Shared under CC from Open Source

In the spring of 2014, we set up a survey for families to complete after our Family Engagement Night. I want to thank everyone who contributed. The responses were thoughtful, insightful and positive. I know our collective work will be both exciting and rewarding.

Questions and responses have now been collated into a Google Doc for your reference. 

The Google Chrome web browser is recommended for an optimal view.

Thank you again for your input, your thoughts and for your continued support of our new school.

Mr. Collins



Parent & guardian school climate survey

Please see the following information from our board that aligns very well with our Family Engagement Evening coming up on April 24, 2014.

School Climate Survey for Parents/Guardians

Between May 20 and June 2, we will be inviting parents/guardians to participate in a school climate survey. The surveys provide the Board and our school with valuable information about how you feel about the school environment and your child’s education. The results will be used to identify areas that need to be addressed, monitor progress and plan strategies to support student achievement and well-being. We value parent input and encourage you to complete the survey. The information parents provide will be anonymous, considered confidential and kept in strict accordance with all relevant legislation. Information about how to access the survey will be sent home with students later in May.

Mr. Collins

Envisioning the road ahead

I want to thank one of our families for sharing a picture their child recently drew of our school via our twitter feed:


The child was inspired by what he saw as the school is currently under construction. You will notice how this artist has done a wonderful job capturing the installation of the insulation:


This sharing also got me thinking.

What does your child notice about our school?

What is s/he sharing and talking about?

What questions does your child have?

If you have something fun to share from your child, or family, please let us know via our blog or twitter feed. This type of sharing will indeed help us to all envision the road ahead to our grand opening next autumn.

Mr. Collins