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Staffing update

As we conclude our term today I wanted to take this time to thank Mrs. Soper for her work at our school over the past year. Mrs. Soper has been here for Ms. Schmidt’s Maternity Leave. Ms. Schmidt returns to our school in the new year. Ms. Soper has been a great addition to our team here and we will miss her contributions to our school community.

Thanks as well to Mrs. Gillis  who has joined our term this year and worked on our Reading Recovery team. Her itinerant support for our school concludes today and I want to thank her for her work both with students and with our staff.

On behalf of our school community I want to wish everyone the very best for the holidays.

We look forward to seeing everyone again on Monday January 8, 2018 for start of our new year.

Mr. Collins

DECE Appreciation day

We would like to extend appreciation to all of our ECEs today. At our school, our Designated Early Childhood Educators work with teachers in the Full Day Kindergarten program. This partnership allows for a team taught program to meet the needs of our youngest learners.

Our DECEs have post-secondary diplomas or degrees in Early Childhood Education and belong to a College that supports their profession. The work they do is diverse and partly includes:

  • Planning for and providing education to pupils in junior kindergarten and kindergarten.
  • Observing, monitoring and assessing the development of pupils in junior kindergarten, kindergarten and extended day programs.
  • Maintaining a healthy physical, emotional and social learning environment.
  • Communicating with families.
  • Providing supervision of and support to students in daily activities.

Please help me extend thanks to Ms. DeVries, Ms. Laverock, Ms. Fleischman, Ms. Vieira, Ms. Kenyon and Ms. Miyazaki.

Our school also thanks our Before and After Care program operators. Our Before and After Care team are also ECEs who support our students in our extended day programs. We appreciate our partnership with Mount Albert Children’s Academy.

Once again, we thank our DECEs and all the work they do at our school.

Mr. Collins

World Teachers’ Day

I wanted to take this time to thank our teachers on today’s World Teachers’ Day.

Teachers are certified members of the Ontario College of Teachers. They have degrees in both education and another area of specialization. Some staff have multiple degrees and additional qualifications. Many of our staff  continue their learning and training in a wide variety of ways throughout the year.  As an early years’ focused school, it is wonderful that many of our staff have pertinent qualifications, including: primary education, reading, kindergarten and special education including specialist qualifications.

I cannot capture the full extent of the work of a teacher here. It is complex work that I have the honour of witnessing unfold each day. Here are but a few of the aspects of a teacher’s work:

Again, this is only a small sampling. I thank our teachers for the work and commitment they have already started several weeks ago. We are fortunate to have teachers who also specialize in areas that include:

  •  our Learning Commons
  • English Language Learners
  • Special education
  • The arts
  • Physical and Health education
  • Reading Recovery.

It is wonderful that our Meet the Staff event is today which will also help us celebrate the work teachers do.

Please join me in thanking our teaching staff for the work they do each day at our school.

Mr. Collins