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Kids and Active Play York Region information

York Region has shared the following information for our community

Win a prize by taking our spring Active Play survey!

 Kids and active play

How does the change in seasons affect how kids play?  Do you live in York Region and have a child age 5 to 12 years of age? Or do you work at an elementary school in York Region?  Tell us how children play in warmer weather by completing this brief survey and you could win a prize.

Thank you to everyone who already filled out our winter active play survey!  With over 700 responses, the survey taught us a lot about how kids play in the winter.   For example, the weather kept many children indoors, both at home and at school.

Whether its winter, spring, or any other time of year, children need several hours of active play each day.

Outdoor active play can include such things as:

  • Playing hopscotch, tag or soccer
  • Making mud pies or sandcastles
  • Climbing a tree or building a tree fort
  • Riding a bike, scooter or skateboard

How can parents encourage active play?

  • Balance scheduled activities with free play time
  • Encourage children to play in natural outdoor spaces, and in a variety of weather conditions
  • Allow children to take risks so they can have fun while learning to identify and manage risks in all areas of their lives

How can schools encourage active play?

  • Regularly embrace the outdoors for learning, socialization and physical activity in various weather conditions
  • Choose natural elements for the school yard over pre-fabricated playgrounds and paved areas
  • Examine existing policies and reconsider those that pose a barrier to active outdoor play


For more information on physical activity and active play, visit:

Take Me Outside Day

Tomorrow Wednesday October 26, 2016 we look forward to once again celebrating Take Me Outside Day. This year, we have formed an Outdoor Learning Committee to consolidate the journey we have been on as a school over the past two years. Outdoor learning is something we have explored a lot as a team and in collaboration with our School Council. Tomorrow, we invite you to also be part of the fun.

Families may enjoy:

  • Leave no Trace Scavenger Hunt where you find items, places and spaces in the outdoors together.
  • Going on a family hike together.
  • A simile stroll Complete the following while on a walk as tall as…as green as…sweet like…as rough as….

We have a beautiful town to enjoy together tomorrow or any day of the year for that matter.

Be sure to follow the journey of many schools via the twitter hashtag #takemeoutsideday

Here’s to the learning,

Mr. Collins