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Dental Screening

As a follow up to the communication sent home earlier in the fall, York Region Public Health will conduct dental screening for JK/SK and grade 2 students next Wednesday December 7, 2016.

Mr. Collins

Update: School field

To our community,

As you may have noticed today, the fences surrounding our school field have been taken down and the field is now accessible for our students and staff to utilize. This is an exciting time for our school and we thank everyone for their patience while the sod had an opportunity to root and grow.


Far western boundary at the top of the image.

Students will now be able to access the field that has been pyloned off (from the end of the shorter black fence on the east side of the school to the edge of our pavement area on the far west side of the school). We will use the next few weeks to assess the new boundaries. In time, we will likely expand the field more, but want to start with students becoming adjusted to the larger space and to ensure our supervision of the area works well.


Far eastern boundary.

Students will be able to access the field for morning recess and at lunch. Before school, we ask students to remain on the pavement. Plant Services asks use to assess the use of our field each day. There may be times our field needs to be closed such as after a heavy rain. We will notify students and staff of any changes on our announcements.

New triple hoop systems almost complete!

New triple hoop systems almost complete!

We are also pleased to share that our new Triple Hoop ball systems have been installed and are almost complete for student use. These games, along with our new pavement games are wonderful additions thanks to the hard work of our school council. Finally, we look forward to one more surprise this week for students….new soccer nets! Watch for the exciting new additions coming soon. We are very much looking forward to these new opportunities for our students to enjoy healthy living opportunities outdoors.

Mr. Collins