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Parking lot and grounds

To our community,

our parking lot and grounds are very icy due to the freeze over night. Please take extra caution this morning when walking on our grounds. Please use salted walkways to enter the building. We will call an indoor entry this morning and likely will need to have indoor recesses today. If you are driving please drive extra slowly and carefully this morning.


Head Lice

As part of our ongoing work in raising awareness about head lice as per policy P 662, we are sharing this information website that can be helpful for families to learn more about head lice, what to look for and how to treat it.

We appreciate everyone’s support.

Mr. Collins

Town of East Gwillimbury Safety Bulletin

As previously communicated, we need everyone’s support when it comes to parking lot safety, driving and overall safety in our community. The Town of East Gwillimbury is also very concerned around repeated safety and by-law infractions. Please review the East Gwillimbury Safety Bulletin for Schools_November 2018. A hard copy of the notice will be sent home with your child as well.

We appreciate everyone’s support.

Mr. collins