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Welcome to Kindergarten Evening

We thank all of our community members who joined us for our Welcome To Kindergarten Night last night. Please find two documents shared for your reference if you were unable to attend:

If you have not yet registered your child, please do so as soon as possible at our school office. We look forward to seeing your family and child back for our school day visits the morning of May 15, 2019. If you did not attend last night’s event your invitation for the 15th is available for pick up at our school office.

Mr. Collins

Early Childhood Educator Appreciation Day

We would like to extend appreciation to all of our ECEs today. At our school, our Designated Early Childhood Educators work with teachers in the Full Day Kindergarten program. This partnership allows for a team taught program to meet the needs of our youngest learners.

Our DECEs have post-secondary diplomas or degrees in Early Childhood Education and belong to a College that supports their profession. The work they do is diverse and partly includes:

  • Planning for and providing education to pupils in junior kindergarten and kindergarten.
  • Observing, monitoring and assessing the development of pupils in junior kindergarten, kindergarten and extended day programs.
  • Maintaining a healthy physical, emotional and social learning environment.
  • Communicating with families.
  • Providing supervision of and support to students in daily activities.

Please help me extend thanks to Ms. DeVries, Ms. Laverock, Ms. Fleischman, Ms. Sheppard, Ms. Kenyon and Ms. Miyazaki.

Our school also thanks our Before and After Care program operators. Our Before and After Care team are also ECEs who support our students in our extended day programs. We appreciate our partnership with Mount Albert Children’s Academy under the direction of Ms. Radder.

Finally, now is a great time to announce the return of our Community partners at Ontario Early Years York North and our Early Years drop in center which begins again next Wednesday November 2nd from 9-11 a.m. The program is also run by ECEs who help introduce future Robert Munsch P.S students to our school. If you have preschool aged children please join us for Story-Stretchers next week.

Once again, we thank our ECEs and all the work they do at our school.

Mr. Collins

Welcome to Kindergarten Evening

We thank everyone who attended our Welcome to Kindergarten Night on May 13, 2015. We look forward to continuing to build our partnership for your child’s education. If you were unable to attend please find two handouts referenced at the evening:

Families also received a letter inviting them to day time sessions at our school. Please contact the school so we can share the date and time for your school visit. We thank everyone again, including our FDK team, for supporting with this exciting transition.

A few questions from our session:

Q – My child is nervous about September, is this normal?

A- Absolutely. Our team shared how even as adults, we sometimes feel nervous about our start up. We recommend framing the transition as positively as possible. Focus on the fun, exciting things that will be happening. Visit our school yard over the summer and take pictures. Most of all, listen. Your child may express lots over the next few months that often doesn’t need “an answer” so much as them know you are listening and their to reassure them each step of the way. Finally, should your child still feel anxiety in September, talk with us. Our team will work with you and your child to support in the transition to school. And so, you know, it is perfectly normal for parents and guardians to feel nervous too!

Q – My child naps in the afternoon. Does this happen in schools?

A- No. We recommend families use the summer to begin to transition children off of afternoon naps and towards established bedtime routines in preparation for the school day schedule.

Just a reminder…

  • that families who have children currently enrolled at our school do not need to do anything with respect to registration.
  • Families with children transitioning to Mount Albert P.S for grade four do not need to do anything with respect to registration as we will forward all necessary information to Mount Albert P.S.
  • Families who have children not currently enrolled at our school but want their child to attend for September do need to register at our main office (ex. a JK sibling of a child already at our school).
  • If you know you are moving for next year please let us know as soon as possible at our school office as it helps us in tracking our overall enrollment.
  • If you know of a neighbour who just moved in with children JK-3 age please do encourage them to register at our school as soon as possible. Likewise for children of grades 4-8 age, please encourage them to register at Mount Albert P.S as soon as possible.

Mr. Collins