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To our community,

Our school has signed up for the #Don’tTrashTech initiative. Families can drop off tech that they otherwise would throw out to local Best Buy Stores.

Information can be found in these two flyers:



Bag to School event

IMG_2335A Great Big Thanks to all of our community members who donated textiles to our Bag2School initiative.

We saved almost 400 kg of materials from ending up in the landfill! We also received $98 back in appreciation from the organization.

 Before you throw out any textiles, please keep in mind organizations like Bag2School, the Kidney Foundation, and the Canadian Diabetes Foundation.  They will come to your house, pick up your unwanted textiles, and re-use them in ways that keep them out of our landfill sites.  

 Thank you for your efforts!  Together, we can make a positive difference for our environment.


The Eco Team

Bag to School Event

We are pleased to see the response already to our Bag to School event

We kindly ask that donations begin on Thursday March 21, 2019 and not prior as we will not have space in the school to store the items until they are picked up on March 22, 2019. We thank everyone for their enthusiasm as clearly we are ready to do our spring cleaning! We look forward to a great event on March 22nd.