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3 months

aug26It has been 3 months since our launch on September 2, 2014.

Can you believe it?

Now is a perfect time to celebrate the work we have accomplished collectively, including:

Coming back to school in a brand new building.

– Developing classroom programs for our learners.

Developing spaces for learning in our school.

Establishing our first school council.

Building collaborative culture with all of us.

Working with our families in partnerships.

Welcoming our youngest learners in our Full Day Kindergarten program

Opening our Discovery Hub

– Beginning various committees including: Healthy Schools, EcoSchools and Parent Engagement

Meeting our wonderful team

– Celebrating special events like Dot Day and Take Me Outside.

You can see even more examples of our work through our school twitter feed.

3 short months that have helped to create many memories.

December is a wonderful month for us to give thanks for all we have and we have much to be thankful for.

We look forward to the final 3 weeks of school in 2014.

Mr. Collins




Parent and Guardian Survey Input

Shared under CC from Open Source

Shared under CC from Open Source

In the spring of 2014, we set up a survey for families to complete after our Family Engagement Night. I want to thank everyone who contributed. The responses were thoughtful, insightful and positive. I know our collective work will be both exciting and rewarding.

Questions and responses have now been collated into a Google Doc for your reference. 

The Google Chrome web browser is recommended for an optimal view.

Thank you again for your input, your thoughts and for your continued support of our new school.

Mr. Collins