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Thank you to the families who joined us last night and this morning for Parent & Guardian/Educator interviews. We appreciate this opportunity to discuss your child’s Kindergarten or Progress Report Card. The evidence is clear: students perform better in school if their parents or guardians are involved in their children’s education. We thank you for your partnership now and for the coming months of school. Now is a time to celebrate the progress your child has demonstrated and set goals for future progress.

For students in our FDK program, they have now explore the six learning areas of the program:

Personal and Social Development
Science and Technology
Health and Physical Activity
The Arts

For our JK learners who have just started, you will have a chance to see the program in action during our upcoming observation visits next week. From these visits, you and the team can determine a suitable next step for them in the coming months. For our SK learners, we can consider which of the 6 areas makes the most sense for them to focus on as learners.

For students in grades 1-3, The Progress Report cards provide us a starting point in what should be ongoing conversations this year on your child’s progress. The learning skills portion of the progress report cards are an important starting point:

– responsibility

– organization

– independent work

– collaboration

– initiative

– self regulation

Our students should now reflect on these six areas and ask themselves: what areas can I commit to improving in the next few months of school?

Next, we should consider the academic areas of our programs and ensure our students set goals for themselves. We must look at our students’ strengths to help support them in the goals they set for themselves for improvement.

What is one subject area you want to support your child in to improve?

Thank you again for your partnership with us now and during the next important months of school.

Mr. Collins

Progress Report cards

On November 11, 2014, Progress Report cards will be sent home to all parents and guardians. This first report is an important document that will indicate the progress your child has made so far this school year. Below are some board and Ministry of Education documents which you may find helpful in understanding the report card, assessment and evaluation.

Growing Success is the resource we use as a board to develop our policies and procedures related to assessment and evaluation.

YRDSB Elementary Report Card brochure

YRDSB Parent Brochure_on the Achievement Chart

YRDSB Parent Brochure Assessment in Schools Today

YRDSB Parent Brochure_Learning Skills and Work Habits

Parent Brochure on Academic Honesty and Timely Completion and Submission

We look forward to dialoguing with families this week about the progress our students are making so far this school year.

Mr. Collins