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Best practices for our School Parking Lot

Before and after school are always busy times of the day at schools. We anticipate that our school parking lot will also be quite busy. As we begin our work together, safety for everyone is very important. For your convenience, we have set up a map of our grounds to help you and your family plan accordingly:


We encourage all of our families to walk to our school. We are fortunate to have a beautiful town with many great walkways and trails for families to use. Walking to school also promotes healthy living for our students.

To help us establish best practices at our opening, here are some guidelines for our parking lot if you do plan to drive to our school:


  • Parents and guardians may park in the parking lot located on the east side of our school.
  • Our School has a Kiss and Ride lane available that is marked.
  • The Kiss and Ride allows you to drop your child off in the morning and then drive away.
  • Please drive slowly and safely through the Kiss and Ride areas.
  • There are two lanes beside the Kiss and Ride that are for traffic to flow through to the parking lot itself. Please do not let your child exit your vehicle in these lanes.

noparkingYou will notice that the Kiss and Ride area is signed “No Parking”. In consultation with our fire department, this has been designated as a fire zone. Therefore, there cannot be any parking in our Kiss and Ride, or car loop, at any time. Our community bylaw officers will also enforce these no parking zones as per the municipality’s bylaw policies.

If you want to walk your child to the entry areas you must park your car in the parking lot spots.

It is also very important that you do not park, or stop for extended amounts of time, in the kiss and ride area as this will cause a backlog of vehicles.

accessibleShould you require a wheelchair accessible spot, you may use one of the two spaces nearest our main entry door.

busloopOur school also has a designated bus loop at the front of our school.

  • No cars may enter the bus loop area.
  • We are expected to have a large number of buses and so it is important that the entry and exit to the loop is not blocked at any time.

Some other general reminders:

  • If you are using the kiss and ride area please pull up slowly, allow your child to exit your car and then drive away slowly.
  • Supervision begins at 7:55 a.m. at our school in the Kindergarten areas, bus loop and main yard. We strongly recommend dropping your child off ahead of the 8:05 a.m. entry bell between 7:55 a.m. and 8:05 a.m. This also helps balance the amount of traffic in our parking lot.
  • Allow yourself adequate time in the morning and afternoon to drop off and pick up your child.

We appreciate everyone’s support in keeping our streets, walkways and school ground safe.

Mr. Collins

School Bus and taxi cancellations

To our families,

School buses and taxis are cancelled today Tuesday January 17 2017 Transportation will not run this morning or this afternoon.

Our school is open today.

Our hot lunch program is cancelled for today.

If your child attends today please send him/her with a lunch.

For safety reasons, you may choose whether or not to send your child to school; however, if you keep him/her home and your child is NOT bused, you MUST call the school and report the absence.

If you bring your child to school and s/he normally takes the school bus you must also provide transportation home for your child today at 2:40 p.m. dismissal.

Morning entry times will be extended due to the conditions.

Please walk and drive safely this morning.

Mr. Collins

Information From York Region Public Health

We have been asked to share the following information from York Region Public Health on the Flu: