First Week Update

It has been a wonderful week with our students filling the hallways with energy, smiles, and laughter. It was so nice to see friends connecting after the summer and everyone settling into new routines. Just a couple of information updates/reminders:

  1. RMPS Parent Council is Happy to Announce the Return of


    Cheese Slices  – $2.25 each

    Chocolate or White Milk – $1.10 each

    Please Pay on School Cash Online

    Provided by Little Caesars & Kawartha Dairy

    All proceeds go directly to RMPS

    Thanks for your Support!


2. Thank you to those that have already returned the Book of Forms – a gentle reminder to send it with your child if not already returned.

3. Your childs’ index card will be coming home soon. Please check all details carefully to ensure we have the most current contact information. Also, please be sure to include a current contact email as we will occasionally send information electronically to reduce our environmental footprint. Thank you.

Enjoy the weekend!

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