Winter Weather conditions information

IMG_2671While it is only autumn and November, it does indeed feel like winter in January! We often get questions from families around when students are kept inside and when they go outside. Our board provides a helpful website that outlines guidelines for extreme weather. One important message is to always have your child dressed to go outside during the school day.

With respect to extreme cold and weather conditions, the board does have guidelines that schools can use. They offer some great information on winter conditions and how to approach them. Two guidelines we use include:

  • When temperatures and/or wind chill reach minus 20 degrees Celsius, consider an indoor routine for recess/events.
  • When temperatures and/or wind chill reach minus 18/19 degrees Celsius, consider a shortened outdoor routine for recess/events.

We have had to implement these routines in the past but not often. Most days, we are able to go outside. One challenge for us as well is that conditions can change quickly. For example, we may implement indoor recess in the morning, but then be fine to go out at lunch as temperatures warm throughout the day.

On occasion we may also implement the cold weather plan prior to the start of the school day. On these occasions, you may still drop your child off at their entry doors a 7:55 a.m. and staff will be on duty to meet them.

As we have also had snowfall this month, it is a great time to remind everyone to be careful while on our school property. Please walk and drive safely at all times. During heavy snowfall, our caretakers often require several hours to clear pathways completely around the school. During these times, please make use of the entry doors that have been cleared. Despite clearing, icy conditions can also form quickly as temperatures fluctuate between day and night so please always be mindful of where you are walking. As always, please let us know if you notice a health or safety concern.

And, if winter is not your favorite time then we can remember that eventually our sunflowers will return…


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