School ground conditions

To our school community,

Even though winter does not officially begin until tomorrow, it’s presence has been felt already for sure. Today, our school grounds are quite icy. One of the challenges when the temperature fluctuates between freezing and non freezing conditions is the state of our school grounds varies sometimes even hourly. As such, we continue to monitor conditions throughout the day. Some general reminders for everyone include:

  • Please ensure you walk on the shoveled and cleared walkways. Generally this means a walkway that will circle the school building, our walkway connecting to the town’s walkway on the east side of the school, the walkway that extends from the north side of the school and entrance areas. No other part of the pavement is sanded. We often receive questions as to why this is and the reasons can be found in this board policy and procedure.
  • Avoid areas that are pyloned off. We will use pylons to indicate areas that should be avoided due to conditions that exist.
  • For our students and staff recess access is determined daily. While we do not want to keep students inside for extended days, sometimes it is unavoidable due to slippery conditions, rain or extreme heat or cold. Typically, we careful planning and  diligence we can get outside on most days. We use this resource to help us determine our course of action in these conditions. Sometimes, we will stay indoors but other options we use include: reducing recess times outdoors, reducing the number of students out at any given time, restricting access to areas that are more suitable for outdoor play (ex. a field only recess)
  • As always, if you note an area of concern please let the office know. Again as conditions changes often, it helps when our whole community monitors our grounds for safety.

We thank everyone for their support and look forward to safe and fun winter season.

Mr. Collins


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