Plans for next year

A hard copy of this letter will be sent home with all students this week.

Dear parents and guardians,

In January, our school will begin to plan for the 2018/2019 school year. Each month we will carefully monitor our school enrollment as we plan our tentative school organization. Some of you may know at this point that you are moving or planning on moving for September 2018. We realize your family’s plans may change over the next 10 months, however this initial collection of information is very helpful for us. Please return this short survey as soon as possible.

Your help in completing the survey below is greatly appreciated.



Greg Collins



My Child’s/Children’s Name(s) ______________________________



My Child’s/Children’s teacher(s): _____________________________



_______ My child(ren) will definitely be attending Robert Munsch P.S for September 2018.


_______ We will definitely be moving for September 2018.


_______ We may be moving for September 2018.


_______ For parents of SK students only – My child may attend French Immersion next year. The information session for French Immersion will take at Mazo De La Roche in January 18, 2018.


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