Spring safety tips

To our community,

Although Sunday appeared to give us one last taste of winter weather, we are hopeful that spring is now officially here. We are very excited to see an increase in the number of families walking to our school in the morning and for after school pick up. As spring and warmer weather is here, we wanted to share a few safety tips to keep in mind.

  • Bikes and Scooters – if your child is using one to get to school please ensure s/he walks the bike or scooter onto property versus riding it onto property. Bikes can be secured with  a lock at the back of the school at the bike rack.
  • Dogs on property. We ask that if you walk your dog with your child to school that you say goodbye at the pathways leading into our school versus bringing dogs on to our property. We do have a number of children afraid of dogs, or who have allergies to animals. We also want to minimize any opportunity for animals to nip or bite if startled by the number of people on our property.
  • Sunscreen and water – We do recommend sunscreen be applied before your child comes to school as the stronger sunlight is now occurring. We also recommend your child stays hydrated all day. We have water stations at our school that allow students to refill water bottles.

We thank everyone for their support as the nicer weather arrives.

Mr. Collins

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