Parent Reaching Out Evening

Robert Munsch Public School Council presents:

Art’s Express presents “Tackling Anxiety and Stress through Arts and Mindfulness “PARENT PRESENTATION

Wednesday May 10th  from  6:30-8:30pm

Using a creative arts approach to education, Arts Express has developed The T.A.S.A.M. Program to provide children and their parents with lifelong strategies and techniques to cope with anxiety and stress, helping them effectively eliminate the stigma and discomfort of these issues for years to come.   Parents are invited to join us for a presentation by Child and Youth Counsellor and mental health advocate Jennifer Kay to discuss childhood anxiety, parental intervention and how to help your child create the tools needed for a lifetime of wellness.

The topics that will be addressed by this program will include:

  • Identifying the seriousness of your child’s anxiety and stress levels
  • Tools to use to help alleviate minor everyday anxieties and stress
  • Kid-friendly approach to developing useful strategies
  • Leading by example
  • The importance of exercise
  • Communicating with your anxious child without frustration
  • Developing a safe structure within the home environment
  • Knowing when to seek professional help

A supervised showing of the movie “Inside Out” will be available at the school for any parents indicating they will require child care in their RSVP.

RSVP via

A paper copy will also be sent home with your child today.

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