Power outages in town today

To our community,

As you are aware, a significant portion of East Gwillimbury has been without power for some time now. We have been able to regain partial power at our school at this time, and I wanted to communicate the following to our community as soon as we could:

  • We are open for students.
  • We are operating on partial power at this time.
  • Our phone lines have been restored at this time.
  • Buses ran this morning and will run this afternoon.
  • Hydro One is working on the various outages.

Our priority at this time is our Safe Arrivals program understanding that families would not have been able to call in absences this morning. We understand if you choose to keep your child at home today given the circumstance. If you do keep your child home today however, please ensure you call our Safe Arrivals phone line 905-473-0110 to report your child’s absence. Our office staff are working as quickly as they can to complete attendance checks.

I have been in contact with Mount Albert P.S who wanted to relay that they currently do not have any power or phone line capability. For emergency situations regarding children at Mount Albert P.S please contact us and we will relay information to them as best we can.

We appreciate our community’s support through this challenging morning.

Mr. Collins

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