Buddy Bench

20161003_102432We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our school team: our Buddy Bench! With the generous support of our local Lions’ Club and our School Council we have been able to purchase this bench. At our October Good News Assembly we will fully launch the bench. The purpose of a Buddy Bench is to allow children who do not have anyone to play with to come to the bench. When we see someone there, we can go up to the bench and encourage the child to play. In addition to all the other work we do, we hope the bench will help to foster cooperative play, inclusion and team work at our school. It may end up being the least used bench in the world! We look forward to working with our students over the coming months as we implement this initiative. We thank you for your support too. We have already heard back from a few of you about new friends your children have made as a result of using the bench.


Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Buddy Bench

  1. Amazing idea and initiative! Kudos to those who have thought of this wonderful project!

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