Hot Lunch Program

Our Hot Lunch program has now launched. In order to purchase pizza lunches for our first round of ordering please login to

Please use the login information from the sheets sent home last spring. If you have misplaced your sheets another instruction form with your child’s student number will be going home this week. Additionally, our school council will have computers available at our Meet the Staff event tomorrow to assist families with registering and ordering online.

5 responses to “Hot Lunch Program

  1. Hello! Can you list the dates of lunches here? I just completed payment but the receipt does not include the dates of lunches and the software does not allow you to view the description of the item after you’ve purchased it. Thank-you!

  2. Just an observation. I was not able to add pizza lunch for 2 students into one cart (exceeded allowable total) and had to process one order and sign-out/sign back in and process the lunch order for the second student resulting in 2 separate charges to my credit card. Is there a maximum purchase amount with this program?

    • Thanks for writing. We will investigate further.
      Mr. Collins

    • We clarified with the company and you can purchase more than child. Once you complete the first transaction look for the link for “add more items” and proceed with purchasing for your second child. There is no maximum. This feature then allows you to then tally everything and do one order at check out. You can also do this if you have children in more than one YRDSB school including high schools.
      Mr. Collins

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