EQAO assessment data

This week, the results of the EQAO assessments that our grade 3 students participated in last May were released publicly.

We will use EQAO assessment data as an additional source of information to support the improvement of all of our students’ learning. It is important that we look at student achievement holistically to help inform our JK- 3 School Improvement Plan. As a school, we look for sustained growth in achievement over time by using multiple examples of student learning. Our grade teams will also assess the individual student reports (to be sent home shortly to parents of grade four students by Mount Albert P.S) for specific areas of improvement.

In grade 3, taking into account, all the students in our cohort, the following students met or exceeded the provincial standard (levels 3 or 4)

Reading – 69%

Writing – 76%

Mathematics – 65%

Taking into account all participating students in our cohort (excluding students who were exempted from writing the assessment), the following students met or exceeded the provincial standard (levels 3 or 4)

Reading – 71%

Writing – 79%

Mathematics – 67%

Our staff will examine the results to look for areas of improvement. The results offer one snapshot of our students’ achievement in addition to the ongoing classroom assessments by our staff that are most important in determining next steps for our learners.

I thank our team for their collective work with our students. While the assessments occur only in grade three, we all have ownership of our students’ achievement as a primary school.

Mr. Collins

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