Staffing updates

At this time, I would like to share some staffing updates for September 2016.

We extend congratulations to Mrs. Wilde who will be a Reading Recovery Teacher Leader in the fall. We will miss Mrs. Wilde and all of her work with our students, staff and community. We will miss Ms. Tsigoulis in our main office but congratulate her on her full time position at Romeo Dallaire P.S for September 2016. We thank Mr. Morrison for his work with us for the past two years and wish him the very best in his new roles at both JRL Bell and Newmarket High.  Finally, we thank Ms. Jensen and Ms. Harder for their work in room 109 while Ms. Vieira has been off on leave.

For the fall, we welcome Ms. Murray joining our team in the fall. Ms. Murray has worked at Sibbald’s Point Outdoor Education center for the past several years and has also worked with our school on our outdoor learning initiatives. We also welcome two new Educational Assistants to our team – Ms. Johnson and Mr. Perry.

On behalf of all of our school community please join me in thanking all of our staff for their hard work this year.

Mr. Collins

One response to “Staffing updates

  1. Mr Morrison is leaving! So sad. We were so very blessed to have him at our school. Wish him the very, very best at the lucky schools that have him next year.

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