Incident of vandalism on our property

To our community,

Unfortunately, there has been an incident of vandalism on our school property. I have contacted York Region Police about this incident. Our Plant Services Department is aware and will be dispatching a team to clean the affected area. I appreciate the information shared by our community members to me about this incident. Should you have any information related to this incident, you can also make a report to York Region police by phone at or via their online reporting system.

As always, we all appreciate our community’s vigilance in working with us to keep our school and our community safe. I thank everyone for their support of our school and of our community.

Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Incident of vandalism on our property

  1. Heather Granger

    This is shocking. I hope that someone comes forward and reports.

  2. Thank you Mr. Collins for the quick action you took in regards to the vandalism. It appears there was a lot of it in town last night. Very sad. But thank you for contacting the police. Hoping those responsible will learn a lesson from this and that it doesn’t happen again.

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