Administrative Assistant Day

Today is Admin Assistant Day and is a perfect time to also highlight the work of our Administrative Assistants at our school. Mrs. White and Ms. Tsigoulis both work in our school office and support our school in a number of ways, including:

– Working with our students, staff and community,

– Greeting visitors to our school,

– Managing our school’s phone lines,

– Managing our student information system,

– Monitoring and completing month end enrollment and Ministry statistical reports,

– Overseeing student attendance and safe arrivals program,

– School year opening and closing,

– Purchase requisitions and overseeing our school budget,

– working with our School Assistants,

– Logging and tracking student medication,

…and this is only a short list. A school office is always a busy place and our office staff are very important members of our school team.

I want to extend my appreciation to both of our office staff for the incredible work they do each and every day. What is amazing however, is that I am not alone in this appreciation. Our students, staff and our community share often how much they appreciate the work our team does.

I want to extend all of our thanks today, and every day, to Mrs. White and Ms. Tsigoulis.

Mr. Collins

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