Possible Inclement Weather day

To our community

In the event the board declares an inclement weather day tomorrow Thursday March 24, 2016 and buses are cancelled:

If buses are cancelled in the morning, they are also cancelled for the afternoon.

For safety reasons, you may choose whether or not to send your child to school; however, if you keep him/her home and your child is NOT bused, you MUST call the school and report the absence. Our Safe Arrival Program dictates that we know where all absent students are – if we cannot reach you, we will  contact your emergency contact person. If we cannot reach that person, we are obligated to contact the police.

There may be a modified program in your child’s class due to numbers of students attending and absences of some teachers. If your child does not attend school on a day that buses are cancelled due to inclement weather, your child will not face attendance related repercussions.

Once students arrive, they are expected to stay. You can, however, make arrangements ahead of time to pick up your child at lunch.

When buses are cancelled – there are:

  • NO Lunch Service Arrangements or Special Lunches.(i.e Pizza Lunch and Lunch Lady would be cancelled)
  • NO Special Events days or field trips.
  • Please send a lunch with your child.

Please note:

Dress for the weather – bus cancellation does not mean automatic indoor recesses or early entry into the school.

Information regarding bus cancellations is posted at www.schoolbuscity.com, conveyed to GTA radio/television stations, and available on the Board’s Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/#!/YRDSB.

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