Used Book Sale

Robert Munsch Public School is hosting a book sale starting on Monday February 29th, 2016. For a quarter (25 cents), every student will have the chance to choose 1 “new to them” book that has been generously donated by many of our school families. Should there be an abundance of books; students will be able to purchase a book at our Family Literacy Night on Wednesday March 2nd. We thank you for your support and for helping us get a “new” book in each student’s hand!                                                

  Do you have any books to donate?

We are celebrating Family Literacy and will be having a Book Sale! This is an opportunity for all students to receive a “New-to-Them book”.   We are looking for donations of books for grades K-3. They need to be in good condition and appropriate for the school environment. This sale was previously enjoyed by our students at Mount Albert Public School and is eagerly anticipated again. Your books will definitely find a new home to be loved. Book donations can be dropped off to the office. Let’s get Reading!

Do you have some free time that week to volunteer? We would be happy to have your assistance during our sale. Please contact the school if you can volunteer

Thank you for your assistance.

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