Best Wishes

The first four months of school have now come to a conclusion. We now wish everyone the very best for the upcoming break. We know many of you will gather as families and friends over the coming days and week. We also recognise that at this time of the year many people across the world celebrate significant faith days.

Merry Christmas to those celebrating Christmas on December 25th or January 7th for Orthodox Churches.

Best wishes to families that celebrated Chanukah from December 7-14.

Happy Kwanzaa to those families celebrating the observance on December 26th.

To all of our staff, students and families we wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2016.

We have achieved much and there is much more to come on our journey.

Here’s to a great 2016 year ahead.

Mr. Collins

One response to “Best Wishes

  1. Thank you for a wonderful assembly this morning. The songs the children sang were beautiful. I even teared up when Mrs. Abbott’s class sang. A wonderful and inspiring celebration. Way to go, RMPS! Have a blessed holiday!

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