Health and Safety: Allergy information

The children in our school with severe peanut allergies, and their families, would like to join me in thanking you for your understanding and co-operation as a result of the request to avoid sending peanut and nut products to school. There has been a reduction in the number of peanut and nut products brought to school in snacks and lunches, and we would like to thank you for continuing to avoid sending these products to school with your child. We continue to ask everyone to ensure no nut products are sent in to school in snacks or lunches.

Since even a minute amount of the allergic substance can cause a life-threatening reaction, keeping it out of the classroom is our best method of preventing a serious reaction at school. Although, we do talk to our students a lot about nut allergies, we are aware that some of staff and students have allergies to many different types of foods. Consequently, we do ask that no food products be sent in to the school for special celebrations like birthdays. While we appreciate everyone’s generosity we do not want to put anyone at risk. Other options may include donating a book to the classroom library in honour of your child on their birthday.

Thank you again for your co-operation in this important issue.

Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Health and Safety: Allergy information

  1. Perhaps a reminder could be sent about other ‘odd ball’ allergies, or class specific. My child is allergic to sesame seeds and mentioned last night someone with humus dip and someone else with a sesame seed bun in their lunch. She knows to steer clear, unfortunately, it is another ‘add to the list’ allergy for parents to be mindful of.

    • Thank you for sharing. We can send reminders home for class specific allergies. Would you mind contacting the teacher or letting us know which child it is at our office? 905-473-0110.
      Thank you,
      Mr. Collins

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