Staffing updates

As our school year concludes this week, I wanted to take time to recognize staff who will be leaving. As shared earlier, we wish Mrs. Allen the very best in her retirement starting at the end of this month. We want to thank Ms. Yousuf who has worked in our term DECE position in Ms. Cresswell’s class. We say goodbye to Mr. Jolicoeur who will be working at Tommy Douglas S.S next year. We thank Mr. Jolicoeur for all of his fine work as an Educational Assistant this year. We also say goodbye to Ms. Jensen who completed a term E.A position at our school this year. Ms. Jensen worked in a number of our classes this year and we really appreciate her work at our school. Thank you Ms. Carlson who completes a term secretarial assignment this week. We appreciate all that Ms. Carlson has done in our school office.

I also wanted to take time to welcome, and welcome back some staff including:

– Welcome back to Ms. Lelen who will be teaching for Ms. Abalos while she completes her maternity leave.

– Welcome back Mr. Morrison who will be at our school full time next fall as an Educational Assistant.

– We welcome Ms. Rodrigues and Ms. Cantelope joining us as Educational Assistants next year.

– Welcome Ms. Devries who has been hired for Mrs. Walker’s DECE position.

– Welcome to Mr. Montgomery joining our staff year as a teacher.

Please join me in thank all the staff who will be leaving our school this week and in welcoming new staff to our team. Mr. Collins

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