Administrative Assistants’ Day

Today is Administrative Assistants’ Day and I want to thank Ms. White and Ms. Carlson for all that they do at our school. Our office staff work very hard and support student achievement and well being in many ways, including:

– Working with our students, staff and community,

– Greeting visitors to our school,

– Managing our school’s phone lines,

– Managing our student information system,

– Monitoring and completing month end enrollment and Ministry statistical reports,

– Overseeing student attendance and safe arrivals program,

– School year opening and closing,

– Purchase requisitions and overseeing our school budget,

– working with our School Assistants,

– Logging and tracking student medication,

…and this is only a short list. With a new school, the responsibilities and duties increase even more so. A school office is always a busy place and our office staff are very important members of our school team.

I want to extend my appreciation to Ms. White who has been working for over a year now preparing for our new school and supporting our opening this year. Mrs. White has gone above and beyond for our school this year.

Please help me in thanking our Administrative Assistants for their work at our school.

Mr. Collins

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