Our new additions

As you may have seen, we have new playground games now painted on our school pavement. The new additions are the result of a lot of hard work from a number of people. Hats off our to our school council who supported with the design and payment of the games. Our students and staff had the opportunity to provide input on the design and layout. This is another example of our journey together. This year we have worked hard to dialogue about what we want our school to be and mean for young learners. Our new games is one more way we are supporting our learners throughout the day be active, healthy and capable learners. We know the games will help promote well being, cooperative play and a sense of fun at our school. The best part of the whole process has been watching the children and listening to their reactions this morning as seeing the finished product. It has been a wonderful day.

Here are some highlights in case you haven’t had a chance to see them yet.

20150417_074131Our students love our new “center ice” on both of our brand new hockey play areas complete with red line and goal creases!

20150417_074159A track will no doubt be popular as well as our new four square games.

20150417_074222 Hopscoth games are always popular!


A map of Canada will allow classes to study geography, mapping and perspective as part of learning outdoors.

20150417_073823Our Kindergarten learners are also enjoying some special areas for their classes to access throughout the day.

We have some other ideas planned for the future as well. We thank everyone for their continued support of our journey together.

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