Grade placement process for September 2015

Dear Families,

Through the next few months, teachers, support staff and the school administration, will work together to develop balanced classes for September 2015. All class placement decisions are made after planning, preparation, and discussion that strive to best meet the needs of all our students. Our primary goal is to create balanced classes that reflect the diversity of our community, and allow the variety of skills, interests and talents of our students to emerge and grow. Factors that we take into consideration include the following:
• Creating gender balanced classes (boy/girl ratio)
• Creating balanced classes with students of various academic needs
• Addressing the special learning needs of our students

After working with your child over the course of this year, our staff have a good understanding of your child’s abilities and needs, both academic and social. Each new year brings opportunities for all students to meet new friends and expand their circle of acquaintances.

Please be aware that we do not accept requests for specific teachers and/or for particular groups of students to remain / be placed together. Also, please note that in order to be compliant with Ministry of Education expectations with regards to class sizes, our school organization will remain tentative until later in September. As was our practice this year, students will find out their tentative class placement on the first day of school in September.

How Can Parents and Guardians Help?
The teachers, staff and administration at Robert Munsch Public School strive to provide the best possible learning environment for all students. Open dialogue between parents and teachers helps us to accomplish this and has a direct and positive influence on your child’s learning. If you have information about your child that may have an impact on his/her ability to learn effectively, you are encouraged to share that information with his/her teachers at the beginning and throughout the school year.

We thank you for trusting our professional judgments as we work to set your child up for success. As we transition to the last few months of school, please talk to your children about ending this year and starting a new year.

Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Grade placement process for September 2015

  1. Karian guimond

    Will the new JK students find out their teachers prior to the first day, as has been the process in the past?


    • Thank you for writing.
      Students will find out their teacher for September 2015 on the first day of school. Our JK students attend for a portion of the day for the first day of school. Information will be sent out at a later date regarding the time.
      Mr. Collins

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