Greetings from our trustee

We are pleased to share the following message from our trustee:

The arrival of February is an exciting and busy time in our schools. It marks the mid-point of the school year, the end of secondary exams and the arrival of mid-year report cards. February also brings us longer daylight hours, the beginning of the end to winter and of course, the excitement of the approaching spring break!

It is my hope that at this point, parents have seen signs of academic growth and development in their children. I encourage all parents to carefully review their child’s report card and reflect on the learning that has taken place since September. Now is a good time to celebrate your child’s accomplishments and set goals for the rest of the school year.

February may be the shortest of the 12 months, but it is a busy time. There is still lots of learning, and opportunities for growth, ahead. With that in mind, I wish you all an enjoyable and successful second term.


Loralea Carruthers

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