Cold Weather Box

Our staff are developing a Cold Weather Box for clothing in case any students forget items for outdoor recesses. Our Cold Weather Box will be located in the office.  If your child has forgotten their snowpants, hat or mitts, their teacher will send them to the office to borrow from the Box.  Each piece they borrow will have “RMPS” written in it so you know where it came from when it comes home with them at the end of the day to be washed and sent back the next day.  All pieces of clothing in there will be clean when lent out.  We ask that you send them back clean.

We have a few pieces to start our “collection” off with, but would LOVE any donations of the following:

– size 4-8 snowpants

– winter hats

– mittens or gloves

– extra socks

– extra pants (in case of “accidents”)

Thanks for your support with this and all the wonderful things we do here at RMPS!

Special thanks to Ms. Coutanche for starting this initiative.

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