Health and Safety: Our School Grounds

We appreciate the questions we have received from our community around the outside pavement at our school. After consultation with Plant Services, and our new school construction department, we can now share the following update:

  • Our care-taking team will continue to be vigilant with clearing walkways and identifying areas of concern on our pavement. As weather conditions change daily (ex. thawing and refreezing), we need to continually assess access to our site based on weather conditions. Our board’s Extreme Weather conditions guideline ( is a resource that we use to make our determinations each day . We appreciate our caretakers for their ongoing work at our site.
  • We are monitoring “ponding” of water on our pavement and draining of water to determine if this will need to be addressed in the spring. This is a common process for new schools as the foundation and pavement settles after new construction.
  • School yards typically do not get snow plowed unless there is a port-a-pack on site or there is a need of access to a fire hydrant by fire services. However, given that we do not have access to our field and the pavement conditions we are facing this winter, it has been decided that, for this school year only, our pavement area will be plowed. We appreciate Plant Services support in this regard for this school year. The plowing, in addition to the measures our care taking team are taking, should help reduce problematic areas on our pavement. Crews were out today at our site to begin the work.
  • We will continue to make students aware of safety precautions when outside (ex. morning announcements).
  • It is good practice all year long to ensure we dress for the weather conditions. With winter and slippery conditions present, we recommend boots with a good, non-slip sole.
  • The fences will remain up until sod is ready for general use. This is to ensure the school board does not void the warranty on the grass area.

As always, we appreciate everyone’s support with respect to the health and safety of everyone who visits our school.

Mr. Collins

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