Staffing updates

To our community,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some updates with respect to our school staff. It is with mixed emotions that we will be saying goodbye to three of our staff at the end of this week.

Mrs. Abalos-Chocron has started her maternity leave at this time. We thank her for all of her work at our school this fall. We wish her the very best in the coming months. This week, we welcomed Ms. Lelen as the new teacher for the class.

Congratulations to Mrs. Leitch who has accepted a position at our board’s Center for Leadership and Learning starting in January. Mrs. Leitch has worked in our board for several years in school offices, most recently at both our school and Mount Albert P.S. We appreciate Mrs. Leitch’s contributions to our school and wish her the best in her new role. Ms. Carlson will be joining us for half the school day each day of the week starting in January.

We also want to extend bests to Mrs. Walker who will be moving back to Australia with her family this month. Mrs. Walker has been a Designated Early Childhood Educator in our board for a few years now. We appreciate Mrs. Walker’s contributions to our Full Day Kindergarten program. We wish her and her family the very best in the coming months. I am working with our Human Resource Services department on hiring a new DECE for our team.

While transitions to our team are never easy, I appreciate everyone’s support of staff who are transitioning to new opportunities. Please help me in welcoming new staff to our school in the new year as well.

Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Staffing updates

  1. Thank you Mrs. Walker for your incredible work. You will be missed. Wishing you the best in the months to come.

    The Colacci’s

  2. Yes Mrs. walker will be missed very much. Thank you for everything!
    The Leonard’s

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