School Council meeting – Thursday November 6, 2014 at 7 p.m.

Robert Munsch P.S Council Meeting

November 6, 2014

Some Guidelines we discussed at our last meeting included:

  •            Our collective work will focus on supporting student achievement and well being for each student at our school
  •            Meetings will begin and end on time
  •             All speakers and opinions will be respected (one speaker at a time, side discussions are to be kept to a minimum)
  •             We will strive for consensus in our decision making
  •             Individual students, parents and staff are not to be discussed (Refer parents or student issues to the teacher or principal)
  •            We will be open minded and objective in our work.


  • TRIBES activity and Icebreaker – Ms. Hunter
  • Adoption of minutes from last meeting
  • Admin Report – Mr. Collins
  • Treasurers Report – Kristina
  • Fundraising updates:
    • -pizza lunch update – Sarah
    • -Kids Kitchen update – Sarah
    • -Poinsettia sale update – Sian
    • Miko-Samco sale update – Sian
    • Future fundraising ideas for 2014

– Creation of a Sub-Committee for $ allocation (donation from MAPS)

All parents and guardians are welcome.


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