Feedback for the principal

It is hard to believe we have now completed two months in our new school. I have enjoyed our work together thus far, greatly. Although it is still early in the school year, I do feel it is important for myself as a leader to “check in”. I love my job and am committed to doing the very best that I can for our students, staff and community. As such, I am seeking feedback on my work thus far.

I have developed a feedback form that is now available for you to complete as parents and guardians. This form has been adapted from the Ontario Principals’ Council work on “360 degree feedback“. I realise for some of the questions the response of “not sure” may be most appropriate as it is still early in the school year. However, even the “not sures” will help me reflect on areas that I may need to focus on in the coming months.

You may complete this feedback form anonymously online. Alternatively, you may print off the survey and hand it in to our school office, or e-mail me your thoughts.

I appreciate your time and any thoughts that you may share.

Mr. Collins

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