Professional Learning


A professional learning space that has been developed by our Teacher-Librarian Ms. Mott for our Professional Learning Teams.

We sometimes think of learning as “something that students do”. This week, I also want to share some of the professional learning our staff engages in at our school. The scope of that learning is wide.

We use our P.A Days to also look at our School Improvement Plan (SIP). Our plan complements the Board Improvement Plan developed each year. This year our plan will have four main areas:

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Environment, Engagement and Well Being
  • Equity and Inclusivity
  • Building Leadership Capacity and Succession Planning

Today, staff members from various school committees shared their initial planning and work that has been achieved. These committees included: Eco Schools, Healthy Schools, Parent Engagement and Safe & Supportive Schools. Each of these committees work under the umbrella of Positive Climates for Learning in our school. This work represents additional time staff devote beyond their instructional programs to support student achievement and well being. We look forward to sharing more of our work on our School Improvement Plan at our November 6th School Council Meeting.

Last week, our school also launched it’s Professional Learning Teams. This year we have committed to job embedded learning opportunities for teams of staff to work through collaborative inquiries on student learning. Our work has focused on student learning needs that we started to discuss at our September P.A Day. We meet in grade teams that also include our Teacher-Librarian, Special Education Resource Teachers and myself as principal. We have made a commitment to meet early in the year, learn, implement our learning and thinking in our classrooms and then reconvene 6-8 weeks later to monitor our work. We work through a cycle of determining student learning needs, planning, teaching, assessing, evaluating student progress and monitoring our overall results. So far the sessions so have provided rich dialogue and planning.

I appreciate the staff’s commitment to building professional learning communities at our school.

Mr. Collins



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