welcometoourschoolWe would like to take this time to thank everyone for attending our school’s Open House last night. It was a wonderful opportunity for us all to celebrate the new school and our work together.

Can you believe it has only been four weeks? The atmosphere in the school last night was incredible. The evening says a lot about “us”.

Our students

Many families shared how happy their children were. We saw many smiling faces last night and this is reflective of the positivity they have brought to our school. Our students faced many unknowns that first day of school in September. Everything was new for them. Some were nervous and some were hesitant. Now however, they come to our school filled with enthusiasm, excitement and hope. Be sure to take time this weekend to congratulate your child on the work they have accomplished in such a short time. I must give a special “high five” to our JK students. Bravo to all of them on their first important weeks in school. I am amazed at how well they have adjusted to the transition to school and are embracing learning.

Our community

A special thanks to the Mount Albert Lions Club for hosting our community BBQ last night. What a stellar job! The night was indicative of the strong community connections our town share. The outpouring of support for our new school has been incredible. Your feedback to us last night, and over the past several weeks is welcomed. Thank you for your appreciation, your time and your partnership with us at our school.

Our Staff

As I walked the hallways this past week I was so impressed with our team. Each time I saw grade teams consulting, planning and collaborating around our Open House it was inspiring. I saw our staff prepare their classrooms, bulletin boards, communication packages and displays. Your feedback to our staff is greatly appreciated. We love reading your thoughts on twitter such as:

“thanks for creating an exciting and safe learning environment for our kids!”

“Thanks to @rmpsyr for inspiring my children to learn. It is obvious that the staff are passionate and committed”

“Thank you for hosting us! And for creating a such an exciting learning environment for my kids!!”

“Loved seeing all the great goings on @rmpsyr. You’d never know the school had only been open a month. Except for the new school smell.”

We are most grateful.

I know this has been a long journey for our community. There have been many meetings, many questions, many unknowns. I know that it takes time to build trust between a school and it’s community. In four short weeks, we have come together as a community and have taken many important steps together to fostering that trust. Our work will continue.

4 short weeks…..

….where will we be in four months?

Here’s to the journey.

Here’s to us.


Mr. Collins

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