Bookflix: a way to read at home

bookflixA few weeks ago, I let all the students know that I would be inquiring about what they were reading for pleasure. Since that time, it has been wonderful to have students find me and share what it is they are reading for the sheer joy of reading.

We also want to encourage families to share what they are reading at home. To that end, here is a resource for our students and one that you can enjoy at home: Bookflix

The Bookflix resource pairs classic fiction and non-fiction together in a video storybook format. Schools can use this resource for shared instruction from any computer with internet access. The Ontario Curriculum correlations are also on the website. Students can also access Bookflix from a computer with internet access at home as well to re-visit any of the video storybooks.

Your child can access Bookflix by visiting their website

Our  username: dsbyork   password: dsby7692

We hope you enjoy this resource.

Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Bookflix: a way to read at home

  1. I could log into bookflix the other day with this username and password, but now I can’t. This is the error I’m receiving: All attempts to authenticate you have failed. Scholastic Online product subscriptions are available only to institutions (schools, public libraries, colleges, etc.) and their authorized remote patrons. If you are a patron of a subscribing institution, please contact your librarian, media specialist, or building administrator to report this problem.

    • Thank you for your note. The company did complete an upgrade yesterday that has affected the database and has led to this issue. We believe it should be working on October 2, 2014. Please let us know if you still cannot access the site tomorrow.
      We are so happy you are using it with your family!
      Mr. Collins

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