Making our Mark


Students did an amazing job celebrating Dot Day…including their clothing!

Today, our students and staff showed great spirit at our school by celebrating International Dot Day. Students had the chance to read the book together in the gym. They also heard a clip from the author Peter Reynolds on the process he uses when writing. We then had the opportunity to develop class dots to allow everyone to express themselves in creative ways. It was a wonderful way for us all to come together as a new school community. Thanks to our staff for organizing the day.

I also started off the assembly by letting the students know that I would be asking them a question in the coming weeks and months: what are you reading for pleasure? I encouraged students to find something to read that they love. At home, this may include books we share from our school. However, we also want to hear from you about what your child loves to read. Here, everything counts: comic books, sports columns, non-fiction books, magazines, even media texts. We just want them to learn to read for pleasure. We will definitely focus on the skills and knowledge they need to be competent readers. Their attitudes towards reading however are also very important. We want your child to fall in love with reading for their own pleasure.

And so, feel free to echo the question to your own child: what are you reading for pleasure?

This will be one of the many ways we aim to “make our mark” at Robert Munsch P.S. this year.

Mr. Collins

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