Our teachers and the work they do

inspireOur teachers have now started to arrive at our school to prepare for the new school year. Teachers are certified members of the Ontario College of Teachers. They have degrees in both education and another area of specialization. Some staff have multiple degrees and additional qualifications. Many of our staff continue their training and learning throughout the summer months. As an early years’ focus school, it is wonderful that many of our staff have pertinent qualifications, including: primary education, reading, kindergarten and special education including specialist qualifications.

Hiring of our teaching staff began last February and continued throughout the spring. We have teachers who have taught in school from across all four areas of our school board. We have teachers who at the beginning of their teaching careers and teachers who have many years of experience. We have staff who have taught throughout our province and in other countries. We are also fortunate to have teachers who have joined us from Mount Albert P.S.  with an understanding of our students and of the community.

I cannot capture the full extent of the work of a teacher here. It is complex work that I have the honour of witnessing unfold each day. Here are but a few of the aspects of a teacher’s work:

Again, this is only a small sampling. I thank our teachers for the work and commitment they have already started several months ago. We are fortunate to have teachers who will specialize in areas that include:

– our Learning Commons,

-Special education,

– The arts,

– Physical and Health education

Reading Recovery.

Our school will also have three Lead Teachers:

– Digital Literacy: Technology Lead Teacher,

– Curriculum: Numeracy Focus

– Positive Climates for Learning.

We will also have a Literacy Teacher who will support staff in the work of literacy.

Please help me in welcoming the following teachers to our team:

Ms. Abbott

Ms. Addison

Ms. Allen

Ms. Bellamy

Mr. Braj

Ms. Carroll

  Ms. Chocron-Abalos

Ms. Clubine

Ms. Coutanche

Ms. Cresswell

Ms. Esken

Ms. Fortnum

Ms. Hinder

Ms. Jacobs

Ms. Mailer

Ms. McCaffrey

Mr. McLeod

Ms. Mott

Ms. Moxham

Ms. Muir-Birtles

Ms. Schmidt

Ms. Stouffer

Ms. Sutherland

Ms. Tripp

Ms. Wakelin

Ms. Wilde

 Next Tuesday morning, please help me welcome our teaching staff to a new school year.

Together, let’s inspire learning in the early years.

Mr. Collins

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