School Start Up Information: Student medical conditions

During the first week of school a School Start Up Package will  be sent home with each students. The package will contain a lot of important information for your family and some forms for you to complete. If your child has a medical condition, now is an ideal time to update information relevant for our school to have. Please take time now to review the following if it is applicable for your child:

Direction from a medical practitioner

If your child has a medical condition, or one develops throughout the school year (ex. sprained ankle), we appreciate any documentation you can share with us. This documentation helps us be aware of your child’s condition and needs. Together, we can then plan accordingly.

Emergency Health Care Plan

We ask families to also complete a Emergency Health Care Plan for any child with a medical condition, or one develops throughout the school year (ex. an infection that requires the administration of antibiotics, during the school day, for a period of time). The form includes a spot for an up to date picture of your child for staff awareness. In instances where additional information is required for the plan an Essential Routine Health Services Plan may also be used.


If your child requires medication at school an Emergency Health care plan must be completed. In addition, if our staff are to administer the medication, a Staff Administration of Medication form must be completed.

If your child is able to administer the medication him/herself please complete the Self Administration of Medication form.

All medications will be stored safely in the school office and administrations will take place there too. We will also keep a logged record of medications administered.

Anaphylactic Conditions

  • Our board has a policy relating to conditions related to Anaphylactic conditions. If your child has a condition, we ask you to do the following:
    • Complete an Anphylactic Reactions Protocol form. It is important for our school to have this information as soon as possible. You may complete the form at your home and send it with your child for the first day of school.
    • Ensure that your child, carries the epinephrine auto-injector with him/her at all times. As our children are young, we will work with you to determine what makes the most sense (ex. a pouch around a child’s waist). We will also work with all of our classes around best practices (ex. other students never touching your child’s epipen).
    • We also encourage families to provide their children with suitable identification, for example, Medic Alert, which should be worn and/or carried by the student specifying the nature of the problem and the procedure to be followed in an emergency.
    • provide both the school and the student with one in date epinephrine auto-injector each (two in total) to use at school;

As a school we will share the information with our staff as part of our board’s policy. The second epipen will be stored in our school office along with a copy of the completed protocol form.

With respect to allergies, now is an ideal time to remind your children of the following:

– not to ever share food,

– wash their hands before and after eating,

– ensuring no products containing nuts are sent to school for lunches or snacks.

We also ask families not to donate food items for special occasions like birthdays. Although the gesture is kind, as a school we cannot take the risk of a child having an allergic reaction to foods from other households.

We appreciate everyone’s support in keeping everyone as safe as we can.

Mr. Collins

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