Our caretaking team and the work they do

plantWe are close to opening our school building to students, staff and the community. I want to thank our lead caretaker Mr. Marshall for his work since July in helping prepare our building for occupancy. Caretakers are members of our board’s Plant Services team. Our caretakers have specific training and certifications related to our school plant. The team also supports the work of our school and of our board. Their work in our building is multi-layered and includes:

  • contributing and supporting education, learning and environmental initiatives;
  • general cleaning and preventative maintenance;
  • performing legislated and required inspections;
  • monitoring the efficient operations of building and mechanical components;
  • sharing relevant skills and experiences with students.

In a new building, the caretaking team has the added responsibility of supporting the busy and complex work of opening a school. It has been, and will continue to be, a lot of hard work. Hats off our our team!

This fall, please introduce yourself to our caretaking team which includes:

Mr. Gardner

Mr. Marshall

Mr. Williams

Mr. Collins

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