Modes of Learning

Used with permission under Creative Commons

Used with permission under Creative Commons

This week, a number of our staff are participating in our board’s professional learning conference called Great Beginnings. The annual learning opportunity takes place over four days in August and is facilitated by YRDSB staff. Sessions are grade or subject specific and cover K-12. It is indeed, a great way to begin to think about…beginnings this September.

Many of our staff are also taking courses that lead to additional qualifications or certification including: workshops, online courses, conferences, Additional Qualification courses and training sessions. Lots of our staff enjoy reading also as a means of professional development that includes: professional books, magazines, publications from professional organizations, and scholarly articles. Many of our staff use online opportunities for learning including: websites, blogs, twitter, professional learning teams and e-learning modules. Finally, many of our staff participate in face-to-face learning opportunities such as workshops, book studies, learning networks, traveling and even visiting host schools or classrooms.

I thank the staff who are participating in professional learning this summer in preparation for the coming school year. The various way our staff engage in learning reminds us of the various modes of learning available to our students. Please let us know if you have enjoyed some learning this summer.

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