Educational Assistants and the work they do

????????????????????????This week, as we continue to introduce our team, I wanted to take time to reflect on the work of our Educational Assistants. This year, we will be fortunate to have five Educational Assistants assigned to our school. Educational Assistants support our school’s work and the work as outlined in our board’s Special Education Plan. We have three “Assistants to the Developmentally Handicapped” (ADHs): Ms. Roffey, Mr. Jolicoeur and Mr.  Morrison. We also have two “Child and Youth Workers” (CYWs) on our team: Ms. Gaudet and Ms. LeFort. Our staff have a variety of different qualifications, training, certification and backgrounds that help support the work of our school. Each staff member brings different skill sets to our school, but the overall work remains the same: supporting all of our students to improve student achievement, success and well bring.

Our educational assistants hired by our Board are also trained in a number of ares including:
– Working as part of a school team;
– Supervision of students;                                                                                                   – support with transitions for students
– Physical care of students;
– Health and safety of staff and students;                                                                       – Behaviour management, de-escalation strategies, and developing safety plans;
– Accommodations for students with special education needs;

Our educational assistants work in different classrooms and assist with student supervision throughout the day.

This fall, please feel free to introduce yourself to our Educational Assistants and help me in welcoming them to our school team.

Mr. Collins

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