Designated Early Childhood Educators and the work they do

It is hard to believe, but we are almost one month away from the launch of our school year. The excitement is growing as our building nears completion. I thought the next month would be an ideal time to introduce you to the staff of our school.

Robert Munsch P.S. will be one of 33 schools in our board to begin full day kindergarten this year. The program is a collaborative partnership between our classroom teachers  and our Designated Early Childhood Educators  (DECEs). The teacher and DECE will work together to implement the program for the students. Our DECEs have post-secondary diplomas or degrees in Early Childhood Education and belong to a College that supports their profession. The work they do is diverse and partly includes:

  • Planning for and providing education to pupils in junior kindergarten and kindergarten.
  • Observing, monitoring and assessing the development of pupils in junior kindergarten, kindergarten and extended day programs.
  • Maintaining a healthy physical, emotional and social learning environment.
  • Communicating with families.
  • Providing supervision of and support to students in daily activities.

Our DECEs also bring experience and training in early childhood development. At our school, our DECEs will help support the work within the context of our board’s Early Years’ Learning Strategy. Our journey will be an exciting one.

This fall, be sure to introduce yourself to the following DECEs on our team:

Ms. Fleischman

Ms. Kenyon

Ms. Laverock

Ms. Miyazaki

Ms. Vieira

Ms. Walker

Please watch for upcoming posts that will introduce other staff members who will be part of our team this fall.

Mr. Collins

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